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* Older/experienced wrestlers practice Tues, Wed & Thurs (6:30-8:00pm) in the BHS Wrestling Room
* Younger/inexperienced wrestlers practice Tues & Thurs (5:45-6:45pm) at Prairie Middle School (cafeteria)
All practices dates and times can be found on our calendar page.
Wrestlers should come properly dressed in clean athletic attire, wrestling shoes and properly adjusted headgear. Information on purchasing shoes/headgear will be available at the first practice.There is a water fountain available but you may want to bring a water bottle.
The coaches appreciate wrestlers being prepared to start on time, the warm-ups and stretching are essential parts of every practice.
Many youth wrestling teams struggle with skin disorders. Impetigo and ringworm infections can be a problem unless everyone practices
good hygiene. Thorough showers after every practice and tournament, don’t wear street shoes onto the mats, and if you notice any unusual spots or rashes bring them to the attention of a coach ASAP. A doctor’s note is required to resume practices after an infection.