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A successful team needs good members. There are a LOT of good wrestlers out there that don’t even know it. They haven’t even thought of wrestling. This is your job as part of the team, to find new team members and introduce them to the sport. Sometimes they will need some friendly encouragement to give it a try. Tell them about the tournaments, show them your trophy case. Give them the website address so their parents can find out some information. Ask them to come watch a practice and talk to a coach. While winning yourself is fun, watching a boy that you helped recruit win his first trophy is almost as much fun.

 Why am I here?
So you work your butt off for 4-5 hours every week, running, practicing, getting pinned by the big kids (getting to pin the little ones), sweating and seemingly doing the same drills over and over…

You may be asking, WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS?

Some of you join wrestling to condition for other sports. There is no better sport to prepare yourself for playing football.

One of the quickest ways to get your picture on a Wheaties Box read more about Cael here

By the middle of the season you can walk down the hall at school and realize that none of these kids walking near you could last 30 seconds on the mat with your training partner.

Your parents are thrilled that you are too tired to ask to stay up late after practice.

Dad doesn’t complain about traffic when driving you to tournaments.

Only good excuse to wear singlets.

Stepping to the top of the awards platform

And, of course, HARDWARE!